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Sleep Soundly

Snore Guard®

Up to 99% of those who wear Snore Guard experience a reduction in snoring!

If your frequent snoring is keeping your partner up at night, put it to rest already with Snore Guard, clinically proven to help reduce snoring. This small, one-piece intraoral device is used only while a snorer is sleeping.

Due to its comfortable design that doesn’t include any wires or elastic bands, your jaw will be aligned in a forward position. Your airway will be kept open, which significantly diminishes snoring. The result is better sleep for both you and your loved one.

Using heat, similar to the process utilized to fit an athletic mouth guard, Dr. Sellers will professionally fit the patented Snore Guard device. He’ll ensure it feels comfortable and rests securely over your top teeth.

Ready to put snoring to bed so you and your partner can sleep peacefully? Contact us today for an appointment!


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